Media Creation

Audio & video content design

Copywriting of audio messages

Artistic direction and the production of audio communication elements is our first profession, but before castering actors or recording messages, it is necessary to write texts or scripts, our long experience in the field allows us to quickly produce text content adapted to audio broadcasting, both by the duration and by the rhythm of the dialogues to which the actors' performance will bring to life, and we also work directly with renowned copywriters who will give your communication the ideal angle. 

We can also produce interview or podcast type content, if you want your radio to broadcast sections and information about products or services that are not promotion-oriented.


Content creation for digital signage

"Content is king", content is king, it is said in web marketing, it is no different in digital signage, there is no point in having the best software and players or the latest generation screens, if the content broadcast is not engaging and dynamic.

With its teams and by coordinating external partners specialized in computer graphics, AfterEffects editing and compositing or 3D creation, Ecoutons Pour Voir can design for you quality video content that will display a real aesthetic quality and well thought-out animations, but which will above all be worked on to be meaningful and bring value to your end customer.

"Brands must take the phrase "act like a publisher" literally.
-Dietrich Mateschitz, CEO of RedBull

Content Marketing

Resulting from the web and search engine friendly technologies, content marketing has transformed marketing over the past decade and now communication is based on 3 fundamental elements:

  • Tell a story, create interesting content that makes you want to stop and think about it
  • Make the person watching the screen feel like the hero of the story
  • The brand must not be present in the narrative of the story

These elements are used to create a narrative schema that will gently take the prospect into a different world, a world that appeals to the senses, to emotion, and not to purely logical and Cartesian reasoning. content marketing meets the need for imagination.