On Hold Messages

Messages and sound packaging

Personalized phone waiting is important for companies whose contacts have to wait and wait on the phone, in some cases up to 80% of customer relations are done on the phone, to make your customers wait, you can opt for custom music or broadcast messages that will change regularly and share new services, new product offerings… With our phone solutions, your customers and contacts will finally enjoy waiting on the phone. 

"There's more to life than Facebook or Whatsapp. Pick up the phone. Nothing beats talking to someone live."
- Richard Branson

Message design

Ecoutons Pour Voir helps you create your message based on its experience and expertise in sound communication, the mission of our copywriters: to transform your telephony tools into a true original communication medium.

Greeting messages are the very first image of your company, and waiting or non-answering times are opportunities to communicate messages that are adapted and specific to each circumstance, whether it is a "pre-hang up" message, a waiting message, a voice guide for automatic switchboard or answering machine messages, we create for you a voice communication that suits you and improves customer satisfaction.

Voice and recording actors

Ecoutons Pour Voir uses experienced actors, whose quality voice and diction are perfectly suited to the telephone, and you can choose the voice that represents you from a wide range of actors, including famous voices if you wish, and our professional voices are available in several languages.

The recording is done in the studio on an analog console for a warmer and more natural sound, which is important at a time when smartphones often deliver quality digital sound, mixing and post-production are carried out by our technicians, in order to integrate all the elements in the highest quality standard – the result is identical to a recording for radio or TV.

Sound design & creation

Founded by composers, conductors and sound engineers, Ecoutons Pour Voir has the musical creation in its DNA, our specialists can design for you adapted music that conveys a particular emotion, brings a feeling of serenity to the caller or plays on an inspiration from the brand's territory, thus creating a complete sound charter, which can even be deployed beyond the field of telephone waiting.


We have selected a range of equipment, external broadcast boxes or music standby boxes that can be adapted to your current equipment and connected to your existing telephone switchboard (PBX) or computer network for message and music broadcasting. Ecoutons Pour Voir offers adapted technical solutions, whatever your technical installation.

In the case of multiple sites, the updating of audio messages for the entire fleet is done automatically by downloading from the Internet, without your intervention, allowing regular updates according to your news, to make telephone communication the best used medium.