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If you have any difficulties with any of our services or equipment, use either of the two forms below, or for any other request use the contact form.

Which equipment is concerned?

What model of player is it?

What problem are you experiencing?

What is the status of the POWER light?

When the POWER light is off, it means that the player is not powered. Perform the following checks (check each box once the check has been completed)

Is the problem solved?

What is the status of the NETWORK light?

When the NETWORK light is off, it means that the network is not established. Perform the following checks (check the corresponding box once the check has been made):

Has the WiFi access code been changed recently?

What is the status of INTERNET light?

How is the STATUS light?

When the STATUS light is on continuously, it means that the player is playing music. Please check the audio connections. Check the box(es) that correspond to the verifications you have made.

Is the problem solved?

Have you completed all the required checks?

Try to disconnect your player electrically. Wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Give it 1 to 2 minutes to restart. Is the music coming back?

Well done, you solved the problem. Is there anything else we can do?

"Clients are never an interruption in our work: they are the reason for our work.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Other ways to contact us

You can also contact us using the chat module at the bottom right of your screen: if a person is online, the icon that appears is blue. 

Finally, if your request is urgent, you can call us at the telephone number indicated below.