Audio production

Sound identity consulting

Music production

The production and realisation of content is at the heart of our business, and in response to your communication objectives, we create the sound version of your DNA – your acoustic signature.

Our composers (SACEM member-policyholders) develop, orchestrate and arrange your musical themes using a precise brief established with you in accordance with your brand, in harmony with its image, its charter, after validation, we give you a sound kit including, as required, a sound logo, a radio jingle, a telephone waiting list, elements of voice servers, jingles...


Recording studio

We have our own production facilities with total control of the production chain and a high reactivity on sound projects:

  • Recording studios, speak booth for your voice recordings and acoustic musicians
  • Sound engineers, directors, artistic directors
  • Analog sound recording on analog console and digital mixing
  • Sound processing, mastering and computer encoding

Our team takes care of all your campaigns as well as the management of file transfers, broadcast schedules and legal declarations in advertising agencies and targeted radio stations (Radio Advertising / National or local TV).

"The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is also the most difficult to play."
- Richard Strauss

Creation and writing of advertising messages

Broadcast your messages, to the right people at the right time:

Sound communication is one of the most powerful tools to address your target audience. But only if the development and writing of your script is properly designed and studied.

Because we know the retail business well and the constraints you face, we help you identify your essential subjects and bring your customised sound communication to life: company activity, promotions and new products, TV/Radio spot relays, new contact details, holidays/closures/hours, greetings...

Casting voice and Sound Designer

Each sound code must be designed so that the brand conveys as much image as possible in as little time as possible when it speaks: the right choice for the best sound reproduction... Let's listen to See offers you a choice of actors:

  • Hundreds of male and female voices listed according to precise criteria (deep voice, sensual, comedy, promo, accents, institutional, natural, documentary, journalist,...)
  • Famous voices or media personalities
  • Singers, singers
  • Sound effects banks, sound effects