audio & video

From the layout study to installation and maintenance

Ecoutons Pour Voir's technical teams offer you a wide choice of professional audio and video equipment to equip your commercial and living spaces.

A qualitative approach

Our collaborations with architects and commercial architecture consulting firms mean that we combine image and sound quality with equipment durability, on-site warranty duration, ease of use and design, so the innovative aspect of the selected displays and speakers is of great importance

An adapted study

We offer you audio equipment adapted to your particular needs and adapt the product offer according to your specifications and budget, whatever your space design, for a chain of stores or for a single point of sale,

"The best customer service is when the customer doesn't need to call you and doesn't need to talk to you. Because it works."
- Jeff Bezos, Amazon

The acoustic quality of your space

Experts in music creation and sound advertising, Ecoutons Pour Voir offers you the choice of quality sound rendering, a requirement that is essential in an era when small portable speakers or headphones deliver a high level of sound, and the public is now used to pleasant listening, so that points of sale can no longer be satisfied with basic loudspeakers whose sound is unclear, deep and unstructured. With quality equipment, you can be sure that your customers will best understand your messages, your sound charter and your sign radio.

Our solutions also make it possible to broadcast sound in a precise and delimited area, without impacting people located outside the targeted area or suffering from the constraints of open environments, such as isolating sales areas even in open space, or controlling audio broadcasting in a specific area, for example a cash register waiting area to create confidentiality. EPV is a TOA approved distributor, a brand of high quality and reliable professional audio products.

Audio equipment

  • Amplifiers
  • Noise showcases
  • Preamplifier and Mixers
  • Speakers Speakers
  • Directional sound panels
  • Tunnels and directional sound guns
  • Microphones
  • Security sound system
  • Study and technical assistance

Video equipment

  • Screens, picture walls, totems, touch screens, tablets
  • Wall mounts, ceilings
  • Interactive video projections of floors and walls
  • Distributors and signal transmitters
  • Video projectors
  • Holographic projection by retinal persistence
  • Video showcases
  • LED floor and wall panels


We are involved in the installation and maintenance of our solutions, in partnership with our network of approved installers in France and Europe

We are committed to following our projects until the implementation in order to optimize the use of the products, we ensure the assembly and follow-up of your equipment, this service is the guarantee of a global service of quality

An international presence

Ecoutons Pour Voir is present in several European countries through its offices or partners: England, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Russia…