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Creators of brand radios

For 25 years, Ecoutons Pour Voir has been creating musical atmospheres in points of sale and brand radios

A quality atmosphere

Ecoutons Pour Voir has been broadcasting music at the point of sale for over 25 years, and it is not by chance that we are here, and it is because the music panorama is changing that we have designed Music Admix, the application that develops and broadcasts our customers' radios. Music Admix is built with the best features on the market and adapted to real business situations. It is a Cloud application that communicates with your player in store, but it is not streaming: your Internet bandwidth is preserved.

Carefully selected musical titles

The most important thing in a radio that broadcasts in a point of sale is the quality of the music, the titles broadcast must meet the brand's criteria and offer customers an atmosphere that corresponds as closely as possible to the desired universe, which is why our DJs, sound marketing specialists, explore among the hundreds of new products that are released every day to select suitable titles, check the texts to ensure that the words are acceptable to all audiences, the result is a varied brand radio that changes every day and provides a pleasant atmosphere, including for the staff.

A really simple implementation

The installation is really simple: you receive the Music Admix player, plug it into your amplifier and the player starts up on its own during store opening hours, it consumes very few internet resources, which leaves your connection available for your daily operations.

Any promotional messages and music are automatically updated: you don't have to do anything.

The result, your brand radio broadcasts continuously, without repetition and creates a musical panorama worthy of your store to better seduce your customers.

Carefree campaigns

The Music Admix platform allows you to manage your advertising campaigns and messages yourself, with broadcast dates and deployment on the network according to geographical or location criteria. 

But if your communication teams are already too busy, Ecoutons Pour Voir can take care of the broadcast for you, in which case, all you have to do is send us the audio files (unless the message recordings took place at our premises) and the campaign dates as well as the targeted points of sale, our technicians listen to and check the messages and ensure that everything is in order before triggering or scheduling the broadcast, so we can manage up to 12 months in advance, for you, it is more tranquility and the certainty of an insured service.

A varied atmosphere

Music Admix radios, whether generic, modular or designed specifically for your brand, are based on an algorithm that automatically selects titles according to the very specific selection criteria indicated when creating the radio, resulting in a varied and different atmosphere every hour, every day is different, every week is different, and content updates are frequent according to the latest music news: your radio always remains modern and in tune with the times, without any intervention from you.

A real technical support

A telephone hotline is available to answer any support request, not to mention a multilingual web ticket system accessible by Messenger, Twitter, email and chat tool, we also provide user training if necessary, and our technicians are happy to advise you and recommend audio equipment for your technical installations (amps, speakers, etc.).

"Music expresses what we can't say but can't keep quiet."
- Victor Hugo

The challenges of a brand radio station



Become aware of the stakes of sound branding

When working with brands, we often find that there are no rules for defining the sound image, a "sound book" as there are in visual communication, all brands have rules on how to use the logo and baseline on the web, on paper, on a brand, all brands have rules on store layout, lighting, colours, but very few brands have such rules on sound identity, yet music plays a major role in branding the brand, broadcasting something other than


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The music of your brand requires a balance 

Choosing which music to play depends on the particularities of your brand, but the personal tastes of the staff or store manager must not be taken into account, as it is the marketing identity that governs the design of playlists, yet in each store the staff is led to hear the music all day long, so this music must suit them and not be repetitive, so designing your brand radio is a job that is done in collaboration with your marketing and communication departments and according to your briefs, to achieve a specific atmosphere that also appeals to them.



Entrust the playlists to professionals 

Playing music requires you to design playlists that rotate in a pleasant way, are varied and are updated regularly; designing playlists requires time and an important musical experience, covering many styles and periods; this is the job of our sound marketing DJs, who select musical titles and assemble them into harmonious and varied playlists, so as to reflect as closely as possible the brand's territory. The goal is for the customer to feel good in your point of sale, by



Ensure monitoring and evolution

As with all investments in communication, the radio broadcast in your store must evolve: you change the windows according to collections, seasons or new models, you periodically modify the layout of the point of sale, to break with monotony, the same goes for the music broadcast: although it must remain in conformity with the brand territory, it must also evolve with new titles, new colours, which is why the permanent monitoring of your radio by sound marketing specialists is a significant element in the brand's communication strategy.

A Plug & Play solution

Music Admix can be easily integrated into your technical and IT installations, used on a daily basis without requiring intervention, playlists are updated at night, messages can be published in near-real time and deployed simultaneously throughout the network.

Adapted playlists

Your brand's radio is specifically designed to put your customers in a positive state of mind that enhances the brand and products and improves your image.

A flawless support

Ecoutons Pour Voir sets the player before sending it to your store, when it arrives, the player is ready to play music, even if the internet is not yet connected, and in case of connection difficulties, our phone support is available to help with deployment.

Carefree campaigns

If you broadcast messages, the campaigns are automatically updated at all the company's points of sale and broadcast on the scheduled dates and times.

IT security

Specially designed for Ecoutons Pour Voir by a European partner and built in Europe, the Music Admix player was built with security in mind, and your IT department appreciates this feature, as well as the ease of installation and low bandwidth consumption

Peace of mind

The system starts up by itself during opening hours, and updates itself at night, the connection is very simple and you don't have to do anything.