In-store music survey

General terms and conditions
Ecoutons Pour Voir SARL organizes from November 15, 2019 to April 1, 2020 a marketing survey on in-store music available at the following address

The survey is designed to collect consumers' opinions on how music is perceived in public places and consists of 36 questions. It is open to Internet users and remains accessible 24 hours a day via the Internet. Internet users who choose to take part in the survey do so freely and without remuneration of any kind.

Validity of answers
To ensure the validity of the marketing survey, only one response is accepted per person. Possible double submissions will be removed.

Thank You Lots
As a thank you, Bose SoundLink Micro (Night Blue) bluetooth speakers worth 120 euros each and Amazon vouchers worth 20 euros each will be awarded at the end of the survey. It is not possible to thank all participants, so these thank you prizes are limited to 2 Bose SoundLink Micro (Night Blue) speakers and 10 Amazon vouchers. The thank you prizes will be awarded under the conditions set out below.

Territorial limitation
The thank you prizes are limited to people residing in metropolitan France and Corsica, and exclude people residing in the DOM, TOM and foreign countries.

Limitations on participation
Ecoutons Pour Voir SARL staff, their spouses and families may complete the survey but are excluded from the thank-you program.

Participation in the survey is open to all, and minors must have parental permission. 

Data collected
The identification of individuals will be done by email address, name, surname and IP address. This identification is optional, but only those individuals who are correctly identified, i.e. who have provided this information, will be able to participate in the eventual awarding of Amazon vouchers. The data collected will be processed and stored in accordance with the paragraph 'Policy on the processing of personal data' below.

Allocation period
Thank you prizes will be awarded within two weeks of the end of the survey.

Minimum number of participants
In order for the award procedure to take place, a minimum of 100 responses from correctly identified individuals must have been reached. If this number is not reached, the end date of the survey may be extended until the minimum number of participants has been reached.

Thank you prizes
If the minimum number of responses is reached, 2 people will be awarded a Boses SoundLink Micro loudspeaker (colour Night Blue) each, and 10 people will be awarded an Amazon voucher of 20 euros each. 
This allocation will be made randomly from the list of correctly identified people. Only one thank-you prize will be allocated per household (same name, same address).

Validation of contact details
Participants selected to receive a thank you prize will be contacted by email from Ecoutons Pour Voir to notify them of the award and the participant will be required to reply to this email to allow Ecoutons Pour Voir to verify the validity of the participant's email address and contact information.

Participants authorise all checks concerning their identity, age, postal details or the loyalty and sincerity of their participation. Ecoutons Pour Voir reserves the right to ask for a copy of the selected participant's identity document before sending the thank you prize. Any false declaration, indication of identity or false address will result in the immediate elimination of the participant. Minors will have to prove parental authorisation.

Reselection in case of no answer or misrepresentation
If a participant is eliminated for false declaration, false identity or address, or if a participant does not appear within one week of the e-mail being sent, the participant will be considered to have forfeited the thank you prize, which will then be re-allocated by a new random selection from the remaining participants.
No contestation will be possible after one week, especially if the e-mail from the address @ reaches the participant's "undesirable" folder.

Shipment of Thank You Lots
If the selected participant responds to the e-mail sent by Ecoutons Pour Voir, and his answer meets the conditions for validating the contact information : 
In the case of the Bose speaker, the participant will receive the prize awarded within two weeks of his answer. The shipment will be made by postal transport Colissimo (shipping in metropolitan France and Corsica only) delivered against signature. The Colissimo tracking number will be communicated to him by e-mail. Shipping costs are borne by Ecoutons Pour Voir SARL. In the event that the package arrives damaged or does not arrive, the participant will return to the carrier. 
#8211; in the case of the Amazon voucher, the participant will receive the prize awarded by e-mail within a week of his reply.

  Personal data management policy

  • Persons wishing to receive the results of the study
    Persons indicating their personal data can also choose the optional option to receive the final marketing study once it has been processed. They indicate this choice by ticking the box "I would like to receive the results of the marketing study through the ListenToSee newsletter". They can unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time. In this case, the personal data will be deleted.
    People who have opted for the results may at any time request the deletion, modification or correction of information concerning them. These data will not be given, resold or rented to third parties under any circumstances, and will not be used by Ecoutons Pour Voir for anything other than the sending of newsletters.
  • Persons not wishing to receive the results of the study
    Those who do not wish to receive the results leave the box "I would like to receive the results of the marketing study through the ListenToSee newsletter. unchecked.
    In this case, no advertising, newsletter, contact or email will be sent by Ecoutons Pour Voir, except in the case where the person has been selected to receive a thank you prize.
    The data will not be transferred, resold or rented to third parties. After the end of the thank you prize award procedure, the personal data (surname, first name, e-mail address, IP address) will be completely deleted and replaced by an anonymous value. In particular, surname and first name will be replaced by a numerical value, and the IP address will be deleted, so as to make the answers completely anonymous. No data allowing the identification of the Internet user will be kept on the servers of Ecoutons Pour Voir SARL or of a third party company.

Possible changes
Ecoutons Pour Voir reserves the right to modify the present general conditions, to interrupt or extend the study, which the participants acknowledge and accept unreservedly.

Any Internet user completing the survey acknowledges having read and accepted these General Terms and Conditions without reservation. No dispute of any kind may be made against the company Ecoutons Pour Voir as a result of participation in the survey.