Music for Restaurant

The customer experience in the restaurant business

How to give your customers an experience quality that meets their desires

Music in the restaurant is an essential part of the quality of the welcome, and gives you solid arguments in the face of increasing competition. Whether your establishment is French gastronomy, burger, pizza, fast food, self-service, world cuisine, vegan, fusion, street food or other, whether it is an on-site or take-away meal, a luxurious or more accessible setting, a summer terrace atmosphere or a cozy and lounge atmosphere, our job is to help you play the music that will help you increase customer satisfaction for an even better brand image. Contact us for advice: we are renowned for our way of solving our customers' problems! 

Mood music is important for the restaurant.

No matter what type of catering is practiced – from gastronomy to fast food – the success of your restaurant depends on customer satisfaction. This satisfaction can be expressed in different ways, but it is what drives the turnover.

You know better than anyone else the importance of online reviews (on Google and others), so whatever the particular advantages of your establishment (location, seasonality, type of food, etc.) it is in your interest to give the customer the impression that he or she is welcome and that you are committed to the quality of the so-called 'customer experience', i.e. how the customer feels before, during and after the visit.

This involves many factors such as the menu, waiting time, service, cleanliness, quality of food, decoration... Background music plays a very special role here.

What kind of music to play?

The choice of music depends on several factors. You can decide for yourself the type of musical atmosphere, or entrust this research to specialists. Among the criteria to be taken into account: the type of food served (French cuisine, international, specific to a country or a terroir...) which may play a role in the selection of titles, but also the average price of the meal and the target audience.

It is a matter of thinking about SPC and age, while taking into account the location and schedule. A well-to-do clientele, mostly men in their fifties, who have a quick business lunch, will prefer a more discreet but present music, based on instrumentation. The same restaurant may serve family meals and young couples in the evening, for a longer period of time, which will call for a different type of music. You therefore need to define the different types of sound ambiance to be played during the week, and use a solution that allows you to automate the broadcasting without having to intervene.

Let Music Admix take care of the music in your establishment

Music Admix is a professional broadcasting solution designed in France by Ecoutons Pour Voir. It is based on a small player that is very easy to install: it simply plugs into your sound system (amplifier) and the internet (to benefit from updates). It is not streaming, so your payment transactions or the WiFi connection you offer your customers are not affected. The system updates itself during your establishment's closing hours.

As for the playlists, they are different every day thanks to the intelligence of the software, which will take your choices into account to deliver an adapted soundscape. You can choose to broadcast the same atmosphere all day long, or you can program different sound atmospheres according to the hours. It is possible to change radio stations in one click from the system interface, on smartphone, tablet or computer. As for the songs, they are carefully selected by our specialists, who update the radios with new titles every week.

Carefree and compliant distribution

Catering jobs are difficult enough that you don't have to manage equipment and musical playlists. With Music Admix you don't have to do anything, the player starts broadcasting by itself when your restaurant opens and stops broadcasting at the scheduled time. If your schedules are flexible, all you have to do is program an extended time slot once and for all. The system can play 24 hours a day if necessary, without rehearsals and ensuring a varied sound environment that will keep your customers satisfied. 

It's important to note that Music Admix is a professional solution designed for use in restaurants. You have to pay SACEM on your side, and we pay the other fees, unlike consumer solutions such as Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, which cannot be used in a commercial context and are reserved for family use. The stakes are high because the fines can be significant. The difference in price between these solutions and Music Admix is the price of a coffee a day! There's no point in taking risks. Savvy restaurateurs who know how to react like entrepreneurs trust us. What's more, the Ecoutons Pour Voir customer service located in France ensures a quality of welcome and service that you'll appreciate.

Numerous advantages

  • Very simple installation
  • Fanless player (important for robustness in the catering industry)
  • The system starts up by itself, you don't have to do a thing.
  • The music is easy to program according to times and your wishes
  • No playlist to make, no rehearsals, the music changes every day.
  • If you wish, you can create your own radio moods.
  • You can change the musical atmosphere with a click.
  • The installation is done once and for all and our specialists will help you
  • In the event of an internet outage, the music continues to play.
  • Updating of songs is done outside of business hours
  • Guaranteed technical support in France 
  • System developed by a team of specialists with 25 years of experience
  • Music Admix is legal and intended to broadcast music in shops and restaurants.

"Having Music Admix is a little like having a home-driven DJ. The radios are great."
- Pierre B, restorer


of customers like it when the music matches the restaurant's image


of employees feel that good music helps them in their department


of customers think that music makes the atmosphere more pleasant


of bosses in UNHCR believe music plays an important role

(source: SACEM survey)