Multi-channel mobile application

An interesting example of a mix between mobile technology and real advisors



One of the difficulties of retail is to make the link between the website and the point of sale, as I mentioned in a recent articleBut how do you reach the website and physical point of sale in a way that adds meaning to the customer experience?

Salesfloormobile application for "sales partners".

Customers can receive personalized recommendations
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This is the problem that is being addressed SalesfloorIt connects online visitors with "sales associates" or sales associates, who will provide advice to visitors, who are halfway between the personal shopper and the sales advisor and will guide the customer in his choice.

The advisor has a "smartphone" or "tablet" module on his smartphone or tablet. Omnichannel Clienteling "The system displays the tasks that the sales partner must perform and sends reminders, for example to follow up with the customer or schedule an appointment.

Results that measure up

The results are quite telling: a 10x higher online conversion rate, 47% growth on the average basket, 18% increase on new customers who end up buying…

A real dialogue is taking place

It is also possible to send emails directly to the client, for example when a new feature appears, or to chat live, machine learning and AI tools are also able to give suggestions, and the partner can prepare specific web pages for the client, with custom suggestions, and the partner can organize the website to his liking by modifying the pages to obtain a customized version that matches his style.

Consultants can be on site in the store, or they can be outside, opening up a whole world of possibilities, with employees who would be able to provide highly personalised advice while not being on site, for example through a network of stores, a specialist in a particular look or design, etc.

Who can benefit from this type of solution?

Although the brand's website mainly features elements related to clothing, all kinds of stores can benefit from the service, which is also multilingual: financial services, pharmacies, travel agencies and stores of all kinds can benefit from this service.

A good example of techno at the service of retail

This is a good example of ideas that use digital technologies to benefit retail, where the customer can take over the brand's products with the help of his advisor, who establishes a much less impersonal relationship; if we imagine the case of a kitchen manufacturer, for example, nothing prevents us from imagining a fairly young and trendy sales advisor who will be able to guide the customer through the choices before he even comes to the showroom; the appointment is personalized, and in store the advisor

A tool like Salesfloor can therefore strengthen the link between the customer and the brand, make purchasing easier and increase employee productivity.


Note: This is a purely informative article and we are not related to the company mentioned.